Women and Hair

Hair is for women. Women and hair are inseparable subjects in many ways. It is not just hair after all. And there is unwanted hair, and adored hair.


Hair sounds like a simple topic but it can be complex in many ways. What do women think about hair?

When it comes to scalp hair of their own, women can be very serious.

  1. Still many women like to wear their hair long.
  2. Those with straight hair tend to wish for wavy or curly hair, and those with curly and wavy hair tend to wish for straight hair.
  3. Hair loss can be devastating for women because the society does not easily make hair loss acceptable for women.
  4. Most women see their hair as a huge part of their identity.
  5. Women’s hair has been an important topic for several religions, belief systems, or practices.

While women care for their hair to get the perfect hair, some body hair is unwanted in both sexes.

What about men? What do women think about men’s hair? How significant is the scalp hair for women?

Most societies accept male baldness. As for women, body hair and baldness are matters of taste. There might be cultural impacts on women’s thoughts about bald men, but of course every person is entitled to their own tastes. Some women would particularly prefer bald men, whereas others would like men with thick hair. It would not be wrong to say that overall, balding men are not thought to be attractive by everyone, and yet most are seen masculine. This may not sound fair, and it is best to embrace one’s baldness particularly if there is no possible treatment about it. However, there is the option of treatment for some baldness, and men can get their hair back.

Also, women who do not have diffuse type of baldness can be eligible for hair restoration.

Not all people care about hair though, and most people are ready to like each other for who they are. Hair treatments or getting rid of hair, shaving your head are actions that you should take by yourself – it should be your own choice.

In the meanwhile, take good care of your hair, optimize your look by finding the best style that matches your face and body, and being confident about yourself.


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