Why manual FUE?

Why manual FUE? While we do not want to disqualify other hair transplant methods entirely, manual FUE is a favorite one among many good hair transplant surgeons all over the world.

Let us explain what manual FUE is. There are currently two main hair transplant methods. FUT and FUE. FUT stands for Follicular Unit Transfer where a strip of hair is removed from the back of your scalp, and divided into hair follicles. Then transplanted. This is an older method.

FUE is the abbreviation for Follicular Unit Extraction and it involves the extraction of hair follicles in the donor area one by one. This is a more advanced technique, and surgeons who have mastered this technique create wonders. There are robotic devices that can accompany a FUE hair transplant. Some surgeons prefer to use them. And they might be helpful in some cases. However, manual FUE, using only the required micro blades for the surgery is enough and better in many cases.

A manual FUE allows for more customized hair transplant designs, delicate extractions and incisions, a natural looking hairline, transplanting the extracted hair at a natural angle and direction, elimination of errors and side effects, and faster recovery time.

Why manual FUE? Once again, the motorized technique can lead to errors in some cases but in manual FUE, the surgeon can adjust their technique in the cases of poor donor and such.

why manual fue

Which method is better for the surgery depends on the surgeon and the patient’s hair loss, however, most successful hair transplant surgeons are more comfortable performing manual FUE than motorized/robotic FUE or FUT because they have achieved perfect skills in manual FUE, and can guarantee better results. Talk to your surgeon about the methods they prefer. They should be ready to discuss your options with you. You cannot choose the technique, but you can choose your hair transplant surgeon.


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