Why do some men get bald?

Why do some men get bald? I find myself asking this question from time to time, even if I know the answer. It is unfortunate, isn’t it? That some of us have hair, and others don’t. Some men look great when bald too. But most of us want our hair back.

why do some men get bald

And imagine. You can a shaven look. You can still get it if you are not bald, but the opposite does not work.

Getting bald is not in our hands though. In most cases at least. Some hair loss types are temporary, and can be due to an unhealthy lifestyle and bad habits. Some of these can be treated, and some do not even require treatment.

Some men get bald because they are genetically more prone to hair loss. Our genes define how our hair responds to hair loss. Hair loss is caused by DHT in testosterone. DHT causes the hair follicles to shrink and fall. Not all men are genetically-susceptible to this condition. Here’s the catch: not all hair on our scalps fall either!

This is nature’s trick. Its joke to men. Have you noticed that most men who are going bald lose their hair on the top of their scalp or the sides of it but not the back of the scalp? This is because the hair on the back of our scalp does not fall.

So, some men go bald because it is in their genes, and they can get hair transplants because the back of the head is not prone to hair loss, and that is also in their genes. The back of the scalp comes in handy here. Hair transplantation is moving some of the hair on the back of the scalp to the balding areas.

A more scientific explanation as to why some men go bald is that the stem cells on our scalps lose the ability to produce hair follicles. Luckily, we have advanced medicine, and hair transplants allow us to get our hair back.

Hope you are one of those men who go bald but if you are, hope you are happy with your baldness which can be fun and good. If not, we wish you can find the best surgeons, and get a hair transplant soon. All the best from us!


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