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You Can Have your Hair Back at Affordable Prices

Hair transplant operations are rather affordable in comparison to other countries. In Europe and in the US, you need a budget of $7000 – $25000 (depending on several factors), and yet in Turkey you need a budget of $2500 – $7000 for your hair transplant operation.

The Best Teams, Natural Looking Results

  • Istanbul is the most favorite city in the world when it comes to hair transplants. There are several clinics that have specialized only at hair transplant surgeries, and do not perform any other surgeries, therefore, the hair transplant operations in Turkey are performed by very specialized and experienced teams and doctors.

Your Hair Transplant is Performed Using the Latest Procedures

  • Istanbul is the place where the highest number of the hair transplant operations in the world take place.  Most of the clinics in Turkey use the cutting edge technology and the latest techniques in hair transplant operations.

No Need to Wait for an Appointment

  • In many other countries, because of the lack of hair transplant surgery teams, you need to wait for long periods to make an appointment for your hair transplant, and schedule your hair transplant for a later date. In Turkey, you can make an appointment for your hair transplant for an approaching date, and have your hair back very soon.

You Can Enjoy Being in a Fun City as a Tourist

  • Istanbul is a city that never sleeps. It has many historical, cultural, and social attractions.
  • You can enjoy new tastes from one of the richest cuisines in the world.
  • We believe you will want to visit Istanbul again.

Turkey is a world leader in hair transplant operations, thanks to its over-400 hair transplant clinics that have specialized in and concentrated on hair transplants.  The hair transplant centers in Turkey perform cutting-edge technology hair transplants using the latest improvement in hair transplant, called the FUE procedure. And yet, hair transplant centers and teams have different methods of administration in using these technologies, and the most ideal procedure for a patient is decided upon after careful assessment of the patient’s hair.

The HairWiki team of specialists, ensure that your hair transplantation is performed by teams licensed and authorized by the Health Ministry of Turkish Republic, and at affordable prices.

Your hair transplant results will be topnotch, and exceed your expectations, under the supervision of HairWiki.

The 3-Days Treatment Program

  • Your hair transplant procedures take place in a 3-days-long program. We have considered all the details required for a hair transplant when designing this program.
  • For more information: The 3-Days Hair Transplant Procedure

We Value Your Comfort, And Consider Everything That Is Needed to Provide It For Your Stay In Turkey.


  • We make your hotel bookings at the most affordable prices. You can pay for your stay at your hotel on your own. We guarantee that your stay will not cost you more than the prices on booking.com.


  • Our driver, who speaks English, will pick you up at the airport and transfer you to your hotel. This transfer is free of charge as well as all your transports (from your hotel to the clinic, from the clinic to the hotel) are free of charge.
  • In the case of a delay, you do not need to worry. We track the arrival of your flight, and will wait for you at the airport upon your arrival.

A Tour of Istanbul

  • We provide a travel guide booklet for you, depending on the length of your stay, and we provide you with information about what to see, where to go, and what to do during your stay.

Hair Transplant by Teams Who Have At Least 5 Years of Experience in Their Field

  • In hair transplants, having an aesthetic vision hand skills/experience are essential, and both of these improve with time and experience. We ensure that your hair transplantation is performed by teams licensed and authorized by the Health Ministry of Turkish Republic, and at the most convenient costs for you.

We Reassure You of Great Hair Transplant Results

  • Your hair transplant operation will be performed by professional teams, and at the most affordable prices.
  • We guarantee a natural result after your hair transplant operation.

Support After Hair Transplant

  • We continue providing you with support after your hair transplant procedure. We give you recommendations and advice according to the photos of your hair, that you can periodically send to us, after we assess the condition of your hair. Your hair transplantation result, and your satisfaction are our top priorities.

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HairWiki is the right choice for your hair transplant procedure, with its specialized and experienced team in hair transplants.

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