Who is Suitable for Stem Cell Hair Therapy?

Stem cell hair treatments can be implemented on different age groups depending on the problem. The principal use of stem cell treatment is in the treatment of male pattern baldness. It often occurs after the age of 20 in men. Given that about 30% of men over 30, and about 50% of men over 50 experience hair loss, the majority of those who take stem cell therapy are adults.

Women can also experience hair loss after the age of 30 for different reasons. They are also suitable for stem cell treatment.

Besides these diseases, there is also the risk of alopecia areata which can occur in all ages, and can resist classic treatment methods in some cases. If a patient has alopecia areata, we prefer not to wait (for the patient to get older). Particularly in children and teenagers, it can case psychological problems in the long term, and stem cell treatment can be implemented on young patients.

Besides those who have lesions on their scalps due to burns and accidents are suitable for taking stem cell therapy no matter the age.


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