What Types of Hair Loss Can Scalp Micropigmentation Cover?

Because hair simulation involves the pigmentation of the scalp, our female patients prefer it more. Not all female patients are suitable for having a hair transplant. When this is the case, one might feel unhappy about their looks, and this might lead to some psychological problems.

Hair simulation is mostly preferred by our female patients in the cases of hair thinning or balding. Men who require a second or third hair transplant after having had one, and whose grafts in the back of their scalp are not enough, can prefer hair simulation.

The procedure is also preferred by patients who have alopecia areata, who have scars on their scalps or who have flaking and exfoliation issues.

Also, those who had a hair transplant that left the donor area with a scar or whose tissues in the donor area have enlarged, tend to prefer having hair simulation implementations.


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