What to Look For

What to Expect


There are a couple of strategies to follow, and questions to ask before your hair transplant surgery.

Your hair transplant surgeon should take pictures of your head before and after your surgery. Ask them to take at least 10 sets of ante surgery and post surgery photos. These photos should show your hairline, and your mid anterior scalp clearly. Make sure they take the pictures at the same lighting, the same background, and the same angle to be able to compare them later. If your surgeon can you give your transplant photos, it would be great.

References are important. If possible, talk to previous patients who have similar hair and skin shades as you – if the contrast is similar, then it will give you a better idea. If talking is not possible, see their before and after surgery pictures. Try to assess your surgeon’s ability, and also learn how experienced the hair transplant team and your surgeon are. These will allow you to set realistic expectations.

In the case of FUT:

If you will have a FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) hair transplant, you might want to know the answers to the below questions:

  1. Does your clinic use stereomicroscopes? If yes, how many during the hair transplant?
  2. What types of donors does the team use?
  3. How long has the team been performing FUT operations?

Be sure that the clinic is permitted and licensed to perform hair transplant operations.

Learn if there are any complaints about your hair transplant team.

Always meet the hair transplant surgeon for your first examination and before your surgery. Learn how long your surgeon has been performing hair transplants. If you do not trust the consultant, do not have a hair transplant in that clinic.

Also, learn if your surgeon is performing operations full time, and if the clinic is specialized on hair restoration. Ask if your expectations are realistic.


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