What to Do for a Healthy Scalp?

The best thing to do for having a healthy scalp and hair bearing skin is not to wash the hair for more than two times per week. However, in the past years, because of the external factors, the high level of environmental pollution, people have a shower Daily, either in the morning or in the evening. The Daily shower has become a habit.

Therefore, we should apply the most convenient shampoo on our hair. Again, in the past years, we lead a natural lifestyle. Some of our patients use soap for washing their hair. Because the soap does not have a suitable pH level for the scalp, we advise our patients to wash their hair with a suitable shampoo. If they wash their hair often, and cannot get shampoos designed for frequent wash, we recommend them to use shampoos that have as little preservatives/additives.

Particularly, our male patients use some special shampoos for their hair loss as hair loss is more common in men. We need you to consult with your doctor if you are planning to use these types of shampoos because for instance the shampoos that are designed to rejuvenate the hair and that contain garlic can damage the scalp if used frequently, and also damage the hair.

Other than these point, the hair care products are very important. We advise our patients with long hair to use a conditioner after applying shampoo. The conditioner can be applied only on the hair ends, and the hair loss that occurs due to brittle will be prevented. We advise our patients to pay attention to the hair dyes that they use to color their hair. Actually, it is best to avoid dying your hair as much as you can but most young people like to try new colors on the ends pf their hair or on their whole hair. If you dye your hair, it is best to apply special care for it, and periodically visit hair care professionals for that care.

Also, we advise you to avoid using hair sprays, hair gels, hair grease as much as possible but if you want to use these products, try applying them on the hair ends, and not apply them on the hair-bearing scalp.


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