What Should Women Whose Balding Patterns Do Not Make Them Suitable for Hair Transplant Do About Their Hair Loss?

women balding pattern

In women and men, the reason for hair loss depends on different factors. In men the loss is 90% due to genetic reasons whereas in women hormonal changes, diets or some medications may cause hair loss. We usually recommend our female patients other treatments, foremost among these, is the hormone treatments, such as treating deficiencies and excesses. If the patient is following an unhealthy diet, we recommend a change in their diets. Especially in yoyo diets if the patient has followed strict habits such as taking under 1000 calories per day, she can experience hair loss. We find it important to reconsider their nutrition, and treat any iron and zinc deficiencies. If the hair loss resumes after these treatments, then we recommend having a hair transplant.


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