What ls the Healing Period Like After FUE?

The healing process after FUE goes like this:

The day following surgery you should not cover your head.

On the second day, after your scalp is dry you can wear a hat or a bandanna. You should avoid your hair from the direct sunlight.

After the third day, you can start washing your hair.

After the 10. Day, you can wear them tighter hats, and because your hair is stronger massage your hair lightly.

During the first three weeks after surgery you may experience gradual hair loss. Some of your newly transplanted hair might start falling out around 2 -3 weeks post-surgery and some of the transplanted hair will stay.

The hair that fell out will grow back around 2-3 months.

After 5-6 months, you will have 70-80% of your hair back but after one year, you will see the best results.


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