What is the Percutan Method?

Percutan is a method of incision in hair transplant operations. The puncturing is usually performed by the use of rectangular blades. In the Percutan method, we use arrow like or triangular needles to make the incisions. Percutan is an ideal method for those who want more attention to be devoted to making incisions.

However, no matter which method is used during the incision be it the slit, Percutan, DHI, it is the results that matter the most, and it is essential that the doctors choose a method they have mastered – a method that they are skillful and experienced at and comfortable with. We want to make sure that the results are guaranteed for our patients, and we like to use the best techniques to achieve those results.

The choice of the method here therefore depends on the team. If the doctor will perform Percutan, they need to be skillful at using the required instrumentation, and perform the implantation masterfully.


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