What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy involves the multiplication of self-regenerating cells obtained from the body in laboratories, even though there are several developments in this field, the current situation does not involve the process of cells regenerating and surviving in their own micro environments.

stem cell

For instance, if we made the hair stem cell multiply and transplanted them on the scalp, the hair follicle will not return to its natural life cycle. In the same manner let’s say we made basic cells of the skin cells which are called fibroblasts, multiply and now the skin may look younger, we can never know how long this will last or if this will stay the same way for years.  Hair follicle stem cells have not multiplied themselves in many real cases. Therefore, stem cell can be produced and managed but unfortunately they cannot show any new progress in their natural environments. Because of this in hair treatments or more precisely in baldness treatments stem cell therapy is very limited. The reason for this limitation is the little control we have over the life cycle of stem cells after they are introduced to the body.


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