What is inside the Hair PRP?

Hair PRP is Platelet Rich Plasma. When our patients visit us at our clinic for hair PRP, we draw some blood. When the blood is centrifuged, the plasmas and the red blood cells separate. They separate. Plasma is a yellow colored fluid, and inside the plasma there are platelets. Another name for the blood platelets is thrombocyte.

Platelets contain growth factors. These growth factors are inside the plasma. There are other activators along with the platelets, in the kits that we apply. The activators are structures that break up the platelets. In other words, they are different types of enzymes. When we inject the plasma along with the activators to the scalp, we ensure the breakup of the platelets into more pieces, and we average the growth factors, and apply them on the hair follicles and the scalp to make them heal.


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