What is Hair Cloning?

Hair cloning is a very complex subject especially because the information about one can often find misconstrued information about this technique on the internet.

hair cloning

It is not hard to imagine how shocked the researchers would be if they heard how their findings are misrepresented. Hair cloning is not yet possible with our most recent hair transplant techniques or knowledge about it.  For hair cloning to be possible, years of research and experimentation are required, and that might take 15- 20 years. Some of you might remember that in 1999, the US president Clinton had announced that scientists have finally completed the first survey of the human genome. In the years after, very few organs have been cloned from scratch. A hair follicle is also an organ, however, when we look at the research priorities of organs, hair follicle falls behind kidneys, liver, and other vascular structures. The research on hair follicles has not been very wide, and is not among the priorities of the researchers for the moment. Therefore, we can say that hair cloning is not possible with our current knowledge.


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