What is FUT Hair Transplantation?

FUT has not been widely used in the past years but I would still love to talk about it.

FUT is performed after obtaining elliptic hair tissues from the area of the scalp, behind the two ears, and use stitches to link the area. The elliptic tissue is cut into pieces under a microscope and we transplant these pieces into the incisions we made earlier.

It is not widely used is because it does not give a natural look, and also because it is surgical and in the past we observed edema, bruises, swelling, and scar problems in our patients due the incisions and sutures.

Now we perform FUE, and with the help of special devices, Percutan, micromotor, and robotic devices, and thanks to the improvements in these technologies, the complications are minimized, swelling, pain, stitches, and scars occur less.


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