What is Eyebrow Transplantation?

The eyebrows complement the looks – especially in women.

The hair in the eyebrows might fall due to burns, accidents, surgical scars and so on, gaps or asymmetry might occur. Eyebrows are a crucial feature on particularly a woman’s face.

In order to solve the problems with the appearances of the eyebrows, there are different methods of contouring and hair transplant.

Eyebrow contour is widely known as the reshaping, thickening or filling the gaps of the eyebrow with hair.

Eyebrow transplantation involves the obtaining of hair from the parts with hair follicles, and transplanting this hair to the areas with gaps. For eyebrow hair transplantation, we shave a small part of back of the scalp, and obtain follicles there, and transplant them to the designated area – we usually shave not the whole hair, only a small area in our female patients.


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