What Are the Largest Risks for Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant surgeries are performed in sterile environments using sterile medical instruments, and under the supervision of a doctor in hospital. We intend for no side effects to occur.

The initial tests we do before the surgery are very important for preventing bleeding, clotting, allergic reactions later on. If the patient does not have any bleeding, clotting issues, no major allergic reactions or allergies to medications, we can proceed with the operation. If any problems occur while doing the transplant, we can easily intervene because it is a minor operation, and local anesthesia causes minor side effects.  Because there are not any major side effects, the patients get well soon after the operation. However, due to the adrenaline in the medications that we inject, you might experience high or low blood pressure but these side effects quickly go away. Our patients experience no permanent damage; side effects or illnesses post-surgery.


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