Can Wearing a Hat Make You Go Bald?

Can wearing a hat make you go bald? This might come as a funny question to some of you while some of you will find it very reasonable. It is perhaps one of those questions that you refrain from asking your doctor because you are ashamed to ask it.

wearing a hat make you go bald

Wearing hats occasionally will not cause baldness. However, no studies about hair loss and wearing a hat has been conducted yet. Most doctors would agree that wearing tight hats all the time can cause the hair follicles to shrink faster.

I have friends who experience hair loss, and start wearing hats all the time: outdoors and indoors. They wear hats because they are not happy with their balding scalp. Though, wearing hats all the time might be leading to speedy hair loss. In general, hair scientists would recommend wearing loose hats to protect from the sun or the cold or while exercising (as some sports are better played with a hat on), or occasionally as an accessory but not all the time.

Though, wearing a hat would not cause permanent hair loss if you are not susceptible for genetic hair loss. It could cause temporary, friction hair loss – only small patches. If you already have androgenic alopecia, wearing a hat all the time may cause more hair loss.

The bottom line is that wearing a hat will not cause hair loss, at least it will not be the main reason behind one’s permanent hair loss. Male pattern hair loss, observed in most men, is a hereditary condition, and the main cause for male pattern hair loss is our genes.

Let’s think of a scenario here. You have been observing that you are losing your hair excessively since you were in your early 20s, and currently you are in your early 30s. Chances are that your doctor will tell you to wait a few years to get your hair transplant (hair transplant is the only permanent solution for male pattern hair loss). While waiting for the perfect time for your hair transplant, and your hair loss to stabilize, you might want to hide your balding scalp with a hat. Will wearing a hat make you go bald? The details matter. It is best to ask your doctor if you should wear it too often. It is good to make sure.


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