What Type of Products Are Harmful for the Scalp?

The hair products that can be applied directly on the hair or the scalp can cause damage on the scalp and the hair. These are often shampoos, unhealthy hair conditioners, hair gels, hair grease, and some hair care products such as keratin care.

Keratin hair care has been very popular in the past few years. Keratin care usually fixes the damage caused on the hair and yet if it is not done correctly, it harms the scalp.

We try to change some things on our faces or with our hair but during these changes some damage might occur.

For instance, hair dyes can massively damage the scalp and the hair. Even organic dyes can cause harm on scalp and the hair. It is good that the damage is reduced to some extent and yet even the organic dyes cause some damage. It is best to apply as little hair dye as possible, and go for henna when suits. Hair dyes also cause premature graying in hair and damage the scalp. It is best to start coloring our hair as late as possible in life, and color in not very often.

In addition, the colored hair sprays that the young women use do not contact the scalp but when washing their hair, they contact the scalp, and the chemicals inside them can cause rashes and flaking on the scalp.

If the shampoos used for preventing hair loss in men are not healthy and suitable, they can cause damage on the hair. When people are not happy with one brand of shampoo, then they start applying another type or brand, then another one, they continually change the shampoo that the use. That means different chemicals and ingredients contact the scalp and the hair. After some time, your hair is damaged.

We advise our patients to see a dermatologist for their scalp problems.


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