Turkish Hair Transplant Surgeons

Turkish hair transplant surgeons have a good reputation all around the world. In fact, cosmetic surgeons in Turkey are renowned around the globe in general.


From now on when someone asks you what Turkey is famous for, you can say “For its cosmetic surgeons.” What is the most accurate way to assess a surgeon’s success? It is to talk to their former patients, look at the before and after pictures, and meet them in person if possible. Luckily, the internet is a great tool to read reviews, and contact surgeon and people.

The medical practice has been historically successful in Turkey particularly due to the first trained doctors of the republic who received a wonderful worldwide education because the state thought it was important to train them. Turkish surgeons are also renowned for their good sense of aesthetic. They have efficient surgical skills.

Do not let the country’s current political turmoil misguide you. If you hold any prejudices, set them aside, and take a look at the services Turkish hair transplant clinics, surgeons, doctors, teams, specialists, hospitals offer.  Without being presumptuous, one can see that the hair transplants in Turkey are effective and efficient – if performed by reliable, authorized, and licensed surgeons. You can find news about the subject in international press. Many canons in international news covered the subject because they found it interesting.

There is no mystery behind it though. Turkey – unfortunately – is a country of cheap labor, and of fairly cheap rent compared to Europe and the US. Turkish surgeons are trained in Turkey and abroad, and they gained experience through performing several surgeries for many years now. Most of them have their own established teams of specialists, and carry out operations that both meet international standards and the patient’s expectations.

Getting the same operation for cheaper is causing a snowball effect in a way, and more and more patients from all around the world choose Turkish hair transplant surgeons. It is a good idea afterall.


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