Is Turkey Safe for Medical Tourism and Travelling

1Is Turkey Safe

Whether Turkey is safe or not is under debate. Turkey attracted 42 million tourists in 2014 but if it is safe to travel in Turkey, and if the country is secure are asked by many.

No place in the world is entirely secure. There is no guarantee in life. We naturally want to know the statistics, the possibilities, and risks particularly when we are planning a trip. Risks are everywhere. We do not know what will happen next.

The tourism in Turkey is very advanced with numerous international and local hotel chains or boutique hotels. Millions work in the service sector, and Turkey was the 6th most visited country in the world by 2014. It is hard to unplug yourself entirely – you are probably aware of the terrorist attacks that devastated Turkey. The country is still reeling from the current attacks.

2Turkey is Safe for Travelling

Turkey is generally safe for travelling. Many European Union citizens, US citizens, and people from all around the world still visit Turkey, and find it to be safe. It is best to take some precautions, and be vigilant in the busy places, and yet, this currently applies to many countries, and major cities all around the globe (unfortunately).

There is a common argument that I have heard since I was a little kid, when people were discussing risks and safety: “A vase might fall on your head out the windows, while you are walking on the street.” We travel a lot as a family, and a few of the recent incidents happened when we were due travelling. Some countries such as Canada and the US urge their citizens to take precautions, reconsider travelling to locations where the westerners are known to frequent or reside, avoid travelling to the southeastern Turkey, and the bordering cities with Syria, and reconsider travelling if the aim is to visit such regions.

If your government officials are warning you of any risks, take their warnings into account, and do not travel until further notice if your reason for travelling is not urgent.

3Medical Tourism in Turkey

However, if you consider having your hair transplant, other surgeries – medical and cosmetic, or are planning to take any hair or other treatments in Turkey, and want to do some sightseeing in the meanwhile, talk to your doctor, and clinic before making the arrangements. Most successful hair transplant hospitals and clinics in Turkey are located in prosperous, and peaceful neighborhoods. The airports in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, are well protected by the police. The same applies for major touristic places, public buildings, and shopping malls.

Secondly, most successful hair transplant clinics offer pick-up services. The whole service can be all-in-one, like a bundle. You are picked up from the airport by the drivers who are employed by the clinic, and they drive you to your accommodation – often a hotel near your hair restoration clinic.

The drivers then drive you to the clinic for your examination, and surgery, and take you back to your hotel room, and finally when you are leaving, to the airport. You can easily plan a holiday along with your hair restoration, and enjoy the sights in Turkey.

Turkey has many great shopping option from local handcraft items to designer clothes, from local produces to international products. The shopping experience can be fun due to the options of bargaining at some local stores, and also, Turkey is fairly cheaper than most western countries.

4Things To Do In Turkey

The country offers a lot – there is something for everyone: ski resorts, turquoise coasts, golden beaches, luxurious hotels, hip hostels, great food, sunshine, archaeological sites, museums, concerts, and other cultural activities.

When it comes to crime, Turkey is rather safe too. The political stability is not a problem even after the attempted and debated coup. Drug related crime is low according to statistics (Please see the OSAC report), the overall crime rating is posted as low, assault, armed robbery, and hate crime are low too. (Although, we wish it were zero in both Turkey, and all around the world)

Though, listen to your instincts, and decide well before travelling. Safe travels, and hope you will get your surgery soon.


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