Turkey Hair Transplant Reviews: Results and More…

So you have heard about the hair transplants in Turkey, and have decided to search Turkey hair transplant reviews, and stumbled upon here. You are very welcome.

Reviews can be both scary and encouraging. Mostly encouraging because there are more good things to the story than the bad things. Internationally-renowned, well-trained, experienced, skilled, following the latest techniques, updated, has a sense of aesthetics, patient-oriented, and ethical – these are the qualities that I would look for in good hair transplant surgeon. Therefore, the surgeon, the hair transplant experts would define what I would want to read in a review.

I would also want to go to a clinic that has great facilities: new, clean, and modern. Technologically advanced.

How about friendly staff that deal with everything about your hair transplant? Giving good advice on the follow-up, understanding my expectations.

turkey hair transplant reviews

turkey hair transplant reviews

Also, seeing is believing. What I see should be real. After hair transplant pictures would work but I would have loved to read/hear recommendations of real patients. I would want to contact someone who has had hair transplant and is happy with it.

I would want to be able to compare the prices when I am on the internet for Turkey hair transplant reviews.

Some questions to ask your hair transplant doctor/clinic or a hair transplant patient who has already had the hair transplant procedure:

  1. Am I suitable for FUE? If not, what is the best option for me?
  2. How much does the procedure cost? What is included in the price?
  3. What is the procedure like? What methods are used?
  4. What are the possible risks and side effects if any?
  5. How many grafts (hairs) will I need?
  6. What to do before the procedure? Any precautions?
  7. Do I have other options which are less-invasive?
  8. How many sessions do I need?
  9. Do I have enough hair on the back of my scalp (donor hair)?
  10. Has my hair loss pattern stabilized yet?
  11. Will I have any follow-up examinations?
  12. Will it be painful?
  13. Should I stop taking certain medications?
  14. How long is the healing process?
  15. How many days do I need to take off from work for the procedure?
  16. How long does the procedure take?
  17. Will my hair transplant result be noticeable/detectable?
  18. Will it look natural?
  19. Will I have any sutures and scars?
  20. Will the back of my head look thick?
  21. Will my transplanted hair go thick?
  22. Will my transplanted hair ever fall out?
  23. Can I dye my transplanted hair?

Make sure you have no doubts, and ask any questions you might have regarding your hair loss treatment before taking the bigger step. Provided that you have selected a good surgeon, all your questions will be answered and your result will look completely natural.


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