How to Treat the Scarring on the Scalp?

The scars on the scalp are treated after the dermatological examination, and the findings after this examination play an important role in the treatment of scalp scarring.

If the symptoms only consist of itching, and there is no scabbing, fluids or scars, then we can simply recommend some shampoos and lotions for treatment. If there is fluid inflammation and there is scabbing, then we need to follow a different treatment method.

For the fluid in the scars on the scalp, we recommend oil-free, alcohol based hair lotions. Because the consistency of the skin is lost, and there is fluid and scars, our patients can have some hard time applying the hair lotions. Particularly because these lotions contain alcohol, burning occurs in the spots where the lotion reaches the skin. And yet, this burning sensation and pain are temporary, after the hair starts healing itself, the burning sensation will go away in a few days. We assure our patients of that.

If there is scabbing and no fluid inflammation, then those scabs need to be removed because they are dead skin tissues. When we lift the scabs, we reach the diseased tissue. After our patient can reach the problematic area, they can apply the lotion. In order to remove the scabs, applying greasy products on the scalp can cause some discomfort in the beginning but this does not last for too long. Our patients can apply the ointment on their scalp and wear a bathing cap for sleep. Or after coming home from work, you can apply the ointments until bed time, and let it remain for a couple of hours. Because these ointments are medicals, they have healing effects. They also help lift the scabs. If you can apply these ointments for a few days, you can then start applying the lotion.

There are also medical shampoos. Actually, there is a wide range of products in the medical cosmetic shampoos. We identify the correct shampoo from the shampoo range, and also prescribe the lotion and cream we use in medical treatment. After the symptoms are gone, our patients can carry on using the same shampoo or a lighter version, and prevent the recurring of the same disease.


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