The Doctors Mention Some Number Before a Hair Transplant. What Do They Stand for? What Are the Number of Grafts?

We tell our patients the number of hair follicles and grafts that we will harvest and transplant.

One graft usually comprises two to five hair follicles. For instance, if we say 2000 grafts, that means around 5000 hair follicles. Some clinics might tell their patients the number of hair follicles but the graft is a more accurate unit. The number of hair follicles is usually an estimate. The patients might then encounter unexpected results such as lower or higher number of follicles than projected.

If the doctors tell their patients that they will transplant 3000 grafts, this might actually be 3200 or 3300 grafts. If the tissue is very soft, the number might be smaller. This depends on the density of hair in the back of the hair of patient.


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