Best Hair Transplant: The Definitive Guide

I want the best for myself: the best hair transplant, the best health insurance, the best degrees, the best of health… An ethical doctor wants the best for their patients.

The definition of “the best” varies and can be tricky in cosmetic surgeries. I will try to describe what is in the best hair transplant from a medical point of view as well as from the patient’s psychology:

  1. A hair transplant is good if the patient is in a good health condition after the hair transplant. Nothing more important than the overall health of the individual.
  2. The side effects and complications are minimal and temporary, and can be reversed or treated easily.
  3. The end result suits the patient. This will not be observed immediately as the transplanted hair will start to grow in the later months.
  4. Our hair follicles do not grow at a 90-degree-angle, and in the same direction. A good hair transplant result will not resemble the head of a plastic doll. Rather, the hair grafts will have been transplanted at their natural angles and directions.
  5. The hairline will not be perfectly drawn line but a natural-looking hairline.
  6. The hair should look dense and almost full-looking, covering the desired zones: balding zones or scars.
  7. The patient should look and feel younger and more energetic.
  8. The patient and the doctor should be happy with the final result.
  9. The psychology and life of the patient should have improved after the hair transplant.
  10. If there is no major reason, there should be no need for a second hair transplant.
  11. The hair loss should not continue for much longer.
  12. Most of the transplanted grafts should survive.
  13. Even years after the hair transplant, the patient should feel happy about their looks.
  14. There should be no visible scars.

best hair transplant

You might have your own ideas for the best hair transplant: perhaps a celebrity look. Always keep in mind that the best is what suits you best.


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