Success Rate of Hair Transplant Surgery

When a doctor or a clinic talk about their success rate of hair transplant surgery, they mean a few things: the percentage of grafts transplanted, and survived, the final look of the hair transplant, the satisfaction of the patient, the lack of scars and sutures, the lack of complications.

It is natural to lose some of the hair grafts during the transplant. This should be less than a 5% loss. Therefore, if a surgeon says the success rate is 95% for grafts, that is good. This means the 95% of the extracted and transplanted grafts will grow.

Success Rate of Hair Transplant Surgery

Also, the final appearance of the hair after one year of the hair transplant surgery should be natural. It should look as close to natural hair as possible. It should also suit the patient’s bone and scalp structure. How can you asses the success rate of a hair transplant surgeon? First of all, word of mouth is a good test. If you personally know someone (could be a celebrity too) who has undergone hair restoration surgery, find out who their doctor is. You can also look at the before and after pictures, watch the videos, contact the patients who are willing to share their experiences, and attend open days of hair transplant clinics – even better.

The success rate of hair transplant surgery mostly depends on the skills and expertise of the hair transplant surgeon and the method they use but your lifestyle pays some role in the final results too. Non-smokers, those who have a good diet, those who exercise regularly (Exercise is not recommended within the first 10-15 days of hair transplant surgery though, and no strenuous exercise for longer), those who do not drink much can observe better hair transplant results. Unlike the common belief, being very young is not a success factor for hair transplant. Men with hair male pattern hair loss above 30, who are in good health, women with male pattern hair loss are great candidates for hair transplant surgery.

Make sure your hair transplant surgeon assesses your needs and hair loss well, is experienced and has a good sense for aesthetics, and the facilities are modern and have the latest equipment.


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