Can Stem Cells Be Transplanted from Another Person?

Stem cell therapies are used for the treatment of several diseases nowadays. In stem cell treatment, one’s own stem cells can be extracted as well as the stem cells of another patient. When we use the patient’s own stem cells, we call it the autologous stem cell treatment, and when someone else’s stem cells are used, we call it the allogenic stem cell treatment.

Particularly those who have blood diseases do not have enough stem cells. In this case, we can use the stem cells of someone with compatible tissues (histocompatibility). For this, first degree relatives can be a good option. Siblings usually have 25% stem cell compatibility. And yet, for the scalp hair stem cell therapy, we do not usually need to take the stem cells from the patient’s siblings. In male pattern baldness (which is where the stem cell therapy is mostly used) the patients often have healthy hair on the back of their scalp, and also healthy stem cells. We can therefore use the patient’s own stem cells in the treatment.


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