What is the Difference Between Stem Cell and Hair PRP Therapies?

The stem cells are produced from the hair follicle which have been extracted from the healthy sites on the scalp with healthy hair, and they are transplanted on to the scalp in stem cell hair therapy. Let’s say that there are about 1000 healthy hair follicles on a patient’s scalp. After the stem cell procedure, we can multiply these 1000 healthy hair follicles, and have 10.000 hair follicles – therefore by having more hair follicles, there will grow more, healthy, and thick hair follicles.

On the other hand, in hair PRP therapy, a serum is produced from the withdrawn blood, and this serum is injected on to the patient’s scalp. This serum contains growth factors, and when injected on to the scalp, they activate the existing hair follicles, and promote faster hair growth. In other words, if there were 1000 hair follicles before the procedure, after the procedure the number will still be 1000, and yet, the hair strands/follicles will be stronger, glossier, and healthier. This is the main difference between stem cell and PRP therapies. Hair PRP therapy is a supportive treatment for the existing hair follicles.


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