Standard Procedures that Should be Performed by Doctors Before and After Hair Transplant Surgery?

Before the hair transplant surgery, the doctor should perform a dermatological examination on the patient. They should discuss the expectations of the patient with them – and assess their hair quality, check if their scalp has any disease, and see the donor and the recipient site are ideal for the procedure. They should also compare the results with the patient’s expectations and explain any non ideal situations. It is important that the patient rethinks their expectations, and their expectations are met and balanced, and the hair design should be demonstrated to the patient with an illustration. The doctor should tell the patient where their hairline will approximately start at, and where they will transplant more and less hair.

It is best to take photos of the patient before the surgery and ask them to sign a consent form. Doctors must also inform their patients about the guidelines for the first month after their hair transplant.

The doctors should let their patient know how to take the prescribed medications, and when to take them. The first hair wash after the surgery should take place at the clinic, and the clinic should demonstrate how to wash their hair to the patient in detail. Three and six months after the surgery, there should be follow-up examinations.


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