How to Shower after Hair Transplant Surgery? Should I Make Any Adjustments in My Regular Showers?

You must not wash your hair for the three days after your hair transplantation. You can wash/shower your body only, however, the scalp (the transplanted area) should not have any contact with any liquids, shampoos, lotions, and so on.

The patient can wash their hair using a special washing method three days after their hair transplantation, and this will go on for ten days after the surgery.

The patient may resume their normal life/shower schedule ten days after their hair transplant as usual, however, there is an important point here.

You should pay attention to the temperature of the shower water for one to two months after your hair transplantation. The washing water should not be too hot, and the water pressure should not be too strong/the water should not run too fast, and with much volume. Other than watching out for these, you can go back to your normal life/normal routine and habits.


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