Does the Existing Hair Fall Out After Hair Transplantation? If Yes, What to Do?

One can observe shedding after hair transplantation in the existing hair, not because of the hair transplantation procedure itself, but because the existing hair is in the shedding phase. If the existing hair will fall out or is falling out, then we can apply a hair treatment such as hair PRP or hair mesotherapy.

Hair mesotherapy involves the injection of special vitamin shots on to the scalp of the patient once a week.

Hair PRP, on the other hand, involves the injection of a rich plasma which is taken from the blood of the patient, and which composes of fresh platelets on to the scalp in sessions fifteen days apart from each other.
The hair loss can be retarded with these methods for one to five years but these methods do not provide an ultimate solution.

The patient will need to undergo a hair transplant surgery in the future. The patient should pay attention to a point here: if when looking in the mirror, or in the sun, you can see balding spots where your hair used to be, you should consider having a hair transplant surgery.

If you cannot see bald spots on your scalp but still want to undergo hair transplantation, then this is not a good option because the slits used in a hair transplant surgery are perforating, when a graft is transplanted, the existing grafts can be damaged. Therefore, it is best to have a hair transplant surgery when you reach a certain stage of hair loss. If done at the right time, hair transplantation will not damage one’s existing hair at all.

There are also cases where the patient does not experience a total hair loos but only a local/regional loss. If one experiences frontal hair loss, they can get hair transplantation on the frontal part of their scalp. After two or three years, they can start observing hair loss on the top of their scalp too. Hair loss depends on a person’s environment/conditions, and the genes in their family.

You can choose to have a hair transplant surgery if you have local hair loss. You can preserve your existing hair for one to five years with certain hair treatments.


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