Shaved Hair or Hair Transplant

We all have preferences, prejudices, presumptions. We all have a self-image and perceptions of others. A shaved head or hair transplant?

When hair loss is a common problem, and hair transplants are improving, the big question is: do we prefer hair transplants to balding heads? According to a study, yes, we do. (The study has been performed by JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery, and to find out more about the survey, please click here.)

I remember back in the beginning of 1990s, hair transplants were about to take off – they were a thing but not as much as today. There were a few actors who got them. I also remember the pluggy look, where one could easily detect that someone has had a hair transplant.

Those awful looks of the past are gone. The new techniques, and the expertise of several reliable surgeons have made natural looking hair transplant results the norm. When it is so, it is natural that people prefer hair transplants to balding heads. If it will look natural, who would not want their hair back? Some of us will prefer the bald look. It suits some people. It suits them so much that they would look weird if they had hair. Most of us are not that lucky, and our hair suits us better than our smooth scalp. In that case, a hair transplant is a wonderful idea. Goodbye shaved hair!

What really matters is, if you want to get your hair back. I have mentioned the above survey (and there are many others) to stress the contemporary world is a bit hard on bald people. You may choose to care about the social beauty norms or not. However, you deserve to be happy, and if you miss your full head, it is better to seek treatments than wait and be miserable. There are many treatments available for different hair loss types, and finding out when you can get a hair transplant as soon as possible, and starting your treatment today can have a huge impact on your life.

Hopefully, we will all get our hair back, and there will be no need for statistics about our hair! Viva el hairo!


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