Sex After Hair Transplant

Sex after hair transplant is an important subject that most of us refrain from asking a question about. While most hair transplant surgeons would give guidelines to their patients when it is safe to resume sexual activity after their hair transplant, we might need more guidance to feel comfortable about the subject.

sex after hair transplant

First of all, there is no shame in wondering about sex after hair transplant but it might be difficult to find the courage to ask about it. As a hair transplant patient, you have every right to ask questions about it. Post operation guidelines say that one should avoid strenuous exercise. This includes sexual activity.

The main reason behind this guideline is very simple. In a hair transplant, hair grafts that contain hair follicles and scalp tissue are transplanted on your balding areas. During a high level of physical activity such as cardio activities, strenuous sports and exercise, sex – activities, your blood might get too thin. It is best to refrain from such activities that leave you breathless pre and post operation (one week before and 10 days after the operation) as a general rule.  Such activities can cause the hair grafts to pop, or your scalp might hit surfaces, small accidents might happen, and cause bad results.

Hair transplant is a minor surgery – always keep that in mind. You still need a bit of rest before and after it. After the one week to 10 days abstention, you should be fine, and go ahead with your previous daily routine.

It is best to avoid sex immediately after hair transplant surgery as this might damage your grafts and any sutures. It usually takes one week to 10 days for the transplanted grafts to be secured.  During this period, try to refrain from any situations where your scalp might be strained, and your hair pulled.

Light physical activity is all right. You can use your common sense, and ask any questions to your doctor when in doubt before taking part in any physical activities.


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