Second Hair Transplant

I would have loved to think that a single session of hair transplant procedure is enough to cover my balding head. The sessions one requires varies.

Norwood Scale for Baldness
Norwood Scale for Baldness

You should have enough, thick donor hair to get a hair transplant. If you experience male pattern hair loss, you will most probably qualify for a hair transplant. The doctors will extract hair from the back of your scalp which is the donor zone. They will then transplant these hair follicles on the balding zones.

If you have enough donor hair, the size of the balding zone will define how many session you will need. Then, the number of sessions can also depend on the country you are having your hair transplant. Interesting but true. In most parts of the Western world, the doctors and their teams work for certain hours. They set a number of grafts to be transplanted, and usually invite you for a session hair transplant. In some other places such as India and Turkey, hair transplant teams are bigger and many, therefore, doctors have enough people to help them extract, store, and transplant the hair grafts. In Turkey, you would usually get enough number of grafts in one single session of hair restoration.

These are all good scenarios. There is also the bad scenario. Not all hair transplants go well. Some are not successful due to surgical errors, the implementation of old and not effective hair transplant methods, bad luck (very small probability), or some conditions that the patient has. Also, if you had a hair transplant 20 years ago, it is very likely that you have a strip scar on the donor area. In these cases, you might want to get a second hair transplant.

The lucky fact is that in most cases, you will qualify for a second hair transplant, and the right doctors can cover your hair transplant scar, or fill the areas that have received the transplant, but hair has not grown – if you have enough donor hair.

You might want to get a second hair transplant if your hair loss has continued after you got your first hair transplant. The right hair transplant doctors do not recommend patients under 30-35 to get a hair transplant because their hair loss has not stabilized but if you have had hair transplant early, getting a second one might cover the bald patches.


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