How Effective Are Scalp Ringworm Treatments? What are the Success Rates?

The success rate in scalp ringworm depends on several factors. Here it is best to think about the causes of scalp ringworm first.

Scalp ringworm is often related to one’s psychological situation.
Identifying this can be difficult. Particularly in children, sometimes even the stress for s small exam can cause scalp ringworm. It is best to receive psychological support. This can help in the treatment a lot. Almost 50 % of the treatment is psychological treatment.

Also, in some autoimmune diseases, particularly in thyroid, some organelles, or antibodies that fight against the self-cells of the body, can mix with the blood. In autoantibody syndromes/diseases like chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis, it is difficult to treat the scalp ringworm. Because the cause for the scalp ringworm is that condition, and it is difficult to bring it under control.

If this condition is under control, the treatment of scalp ringworm will be successful.


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