What are The Natural Remedies That One Can Apply at Home For Treating Scalp Ringworm?

Scalp ringworm is a frequent disease in Turkey. Because it is very visible from the outside, people notice it. One can hear lots of advice about the treatment. One of the most favorite methods in Turkey is the garlic treatment. A mixture of garlic and salt is applied on the affected area, or garlic is applied by making very tiny incisions on the scalp using a razor. What is actually done here is the stimulation of the hair follicles, and this causes the hair to grow.

In fact, we apply similar methods in the medical treatments. Several patients visit us with this problem. There are cases where after a treatment using garlic, salt, and a razor has been implemented at the hair dresser’s or at home, the hair has not grown back. Therefore, I can say that, treating the scalp ringworm by using garlic, and stimulating the hair follicles, and yet when the use of garlic is excess and not under control, it can cause the hair not to grow back again at all.


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