What Are the Medical Treatments for Scalp Ringworm?

In medical treatments of scalp ringworm, we often use local products. These are the widely used cortisone creams and lotion but also we prescribe products with calcipotriol, and minoxidil – which we use in male type hair loss cases.

Also, there are tar/creosote like creams that irritate the scalp and the hair follicles in a light and controlled manner. We have been using these old creams for long. The logic behind this works like in the use of garlic but the amounts we apply are very restricted.

The cortisone injections are very important in our treatments, and we can inject cortisone in the affected area. Also, on the hip. If the scalp ringworm is widespread on the body, and progresses as the flaking of the body, we can try other treatments too.


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