How Effective Are Cortisone Injections or Creams in the Treatment of Scalp Ringworm?

Cortisone injections or creams are very effective in the treatment of scalp ringworm. If the scalp has scalp ringworm, even in a small area, and is recent, the locally applied creams and ointments are enough for the treatment. But if the scalp ringworm is progressing rapidly, and is on different parts of the scalp, then cortisone injections have to injected on those areas affected by the scalp ringworm.

The cortisone injections should be shot by a dermatologist. If the injections are done by a nurse or some who does injections, then this can cause some complications and side effects such as a dent on the scalp or causing the hair not to grow back again. The cortisone is usually not injected on the hips.

If we cannot control scalp ringworm, and it is widely spread, then we need to implement periodical cortisone injections as a treatment. And yet, the cortisone treatment, particularly one that is periodically done orally or on the hip should be the last resort.


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