Scalp Micropigmentation Before After

Scalp micropigmentation before after – good starting point if you are considering scalp micropigmentation.

Say I have little hair left on my scalp. Say I do not want to get a hair transplant now.

Say I have had hair transplant but I need some reinforcements.

Or say I have some bald spots but no other hair loss pattern.

Then scalp micropigmentation can be a good solution for me.

But what is scalp micropigmentation?

It is tattooing 😊 Apologies, for that was oversimplified and slightly misleading. It is not your around-the-corner tattoo parlor implementing your scalp tattoo. But it is still a sort of tattoo.

Scalp micropigmentation is a procedure that involves the pigmentation of the bald spots on your scalp using medical inks that are not harmful. The procedure requires expertise and is performed by experts. In other words, not all tattooists can perform micropigmentation.

How is it different to regular tattoo?

You can still get tattoos on your scalp at the tattooists but the inks they use are different than the medical tattoo inks. Their inks penetrate deeper into the skin and last longer, however, this type of inking is often not good to create the natural look of hair follicles on the scalp. They will look like well-defined dots, and will be too dark.

Who is it for?

Not everyone is suitable for hair transplant.

Not everyone wants to get a hair transplant – may find it expensive, may not be ready yet, may have a fear of medical surgeries.

One may want to fill the bald patches, particularly those which look like coins with micropigmentation so that it looks as if one has a full head.

One may enjoy the shaved look like Vin Diesel’s, Bruce Willis’, and have it for a long time.

Before – After

scalp micropigmentation before after

The best way to find out about scalp micropigmentation is to look for scalp micropigmentation before-after photos. They can give you a better idea of how the results are. If any scars and patches have been covered and so on.

The key point is to find a licensed and qualified place with good sanitary conditions, and a good understanding for aesthetics.


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