Robotic Hair Transplant

There are different procedures in hair transplants one of which is robotic hair transplant. Robotic hair transplant is a minor hair transplant surgery – it is a method used in hair transplants.

Hair transplants are performed using two major procedures: FUE and FUT. FUT is the abbreviation for Follicular Unit Transfer, and involves the removal of a strip of hair from the back of the patient’s scalp. FUE is short for Follicular Unit Extraction, and involves the extraction of donor hair follicles one by one, and transfer of them to the recipient sites.

robotic hair transplant

Robotic hair transplant is an advanced method of FUE. FUE and robotic FUE are often considered to be the most advanced and least invasive hair transplant methods. The robotic hair transplant allows for quick hair transplants with precision.

The hair transplant surgeon can adjust the robotic hair transplant system according to the needs of the patient. These robotic systems eliminate human error, allow for a pain-free hair transplant and speed recovery. In robotic hair transplants, the hair follicles are extracted with precision. Hair follicles are not damaged during the removal. The precision of the hair transplant depends on which robotic device is used. Some are more precise than others.

The best surgeons keep up with technology, and use top-notch equipment. Each patient is different. Some hair transplants are more complex than others. Surgeons may need to use different devices in one single hair transplant. These devices eliminate surgeon fatigue, and help deliver effective and efficient hair transplant results. Another benefit of using these devices is the extraction of maximum number of grafts at a time.

Remember to look for a hair transplant clinic which is certified and licensed. Also, make sure that they have sanitized conditions. Robotic hair transplant does not mean that the hair transplant is performed by a robot, nor it is anything scary. The motors/devices used in the hair transplant are tools to perfect the results.


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