How Long is the Resting Period after Hair Transplantation?

The length of the resting period after the hair transplantation varies depending on one’s professional life, however, specialists recommend a two-days-rest after the procedure. The reason for this two-day rest is the injection of some fluids on to the scalp for performing a more effective hair transplantation. There is the risk of edema/swelling when this liquid reaches the forehead. It is best to stay at home after the hair transplant procedure to avoid any swelling.

However, if you have a very demanding job, and could not take a leave, then you do not have to rest at home, and you can start working the day after your surgery. You only have to pay attention to a few points. Avoid any damage to the transplanted area. Avoid excessive sun exposure, and any direct contact with rain if you have to be in an environment when it is raining. If you pay attention to the guidelines, you can easily be back at work the following day. And yet, if you have the opportunity, try to rest at home for two days.


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