Reasons to Love Your Hair

There are indeed more than sixteen reasons to love your own hair. The grass is often greener on the other side – we want other people’s hair. And yet, we can cherish all hair styles. It is good that we all have different hair. We can all express ourselves, and trust us, all hair types can be managed.


Here are the sixteen reasons to love your natural hair. If you have more reasons, feel free to repeat those to yourself.

  1. It is YOURS. You own it. It is what you were born with.
  2. You can always return to it. Most of us like to try different hair styles. Chemical treatments, and various cuts do not damage the hair forever (usually). After wearing different styles, we can get our natural hair back.
  3. Our hair being unique, is another reason to love it. Nobody else has exactly the same hairline, the same hair type, the same color, the same thickness and volume, the same shine. We all have a natural hair design that suits our face.
  4. It is healthy. Natural hair is almost always healthy if we know how to take care our scalp, and apply the care especially for our hair type.
  5. Once you accept and embrace your natural self, it is easier to love yourself.
  6. If you embrace your hair, you can be low maintenance, and worry about your looks less.
  7. Being low maintenance can be less costly.
  8. You can easily stand out with your natural hair. Research shows that many people dye their hair these days. Natural is now rare.
  9. Keeping it in style and care for it, gives one both more freedom and also a sense of routine and therefore discipline.
  10. It is part of who you are, and you can express yourself with hair.
  11. Hair is versatile. It is never only one thing or the other.
  12. You can use accessories on it: hats, scarfs, hair pins, beanies…
  13. Not everybody has hair. Having an abundance of it is a blessing.
  14. It can help boost your self-esteem!
  15. If you are still not very happy with your natural hair, there are a million of styles available out there.
  16. Hair is magical. Its roots are inside our scalps. And hair strands grow from the scalp. Our hair covers our head, and extends to the outside world. It can be soft, and smell great. It is a great tool to show affection. It is a very powerful organ – quite complex. There is still loads we need to learn about it!

If you think about your hair, you can find why you love it.


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