What Other Uses does Hair PRP Treatment Have Other Than Hair Treatment?

PRP is the short of Platelet Rich Plasma. It involves the withdrawing of a patient’s blood, and the separation of it using special kits, and the injection on to the required areas on the body. PRP is used in skin rejuvenation in dermatology and the treatment of blemish/spots/discoloring in skin treatments. It is also very effective in treating joint injuries, and people playing sports (professional athlete/sportsman/player).

After PRP treatment the athletes heal quickly. A football (soccer) player can now play again in three months after taking PRP treatment; in the past, the recovery period for them was about 2-3 months. Also, PRP is used in dental implants, and ensures the quick recovery of the implanted area and allows for the implant to set in better.

Therefore, PRP is an effective medical procedure often used for a wide range of treatments such as hair treatments, skin and joint treatments, scar and burn mark treatments, and in dental implants.


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