Are you new to PRP hair treatment? Tips & Review

Are you new to PRP hair treatment? Welcome to this post then.

We will tell you all we know about PRP hair therapy. It is what Kim Kardashian and several other celebrities go for, for their face – the vampire treatment, but this time it is for the hair.

PRP is basically the withdrawal of your own blood from your arm, the separation of the plasma, and then the injection of this same plasma (the blood) into to your skin, and when it is applied for the enhancement of hair quality, it is applied to your scalp.

prp hair treatment

It may sound weird but despite the blood, it is a pretty clean procedure. It is also entirely scientific. It is also known as angel PRP hair regrowth, PRP hair regrowth treatment, vampire hair regrowth treatment – the PRP stands for the Platelet Rich Plasma, which is separated from your blood. Both men and women can get PRP hair treatment. It is a proactive treatment to stop, prevent, and treat hair loss. Although scientific, we need more research to support that hair PRP treatment is entirely efficient. The hair transplant surgery is still the only permanent solution to permanent hair loss.

You can think of hair PRP as a side treatment that can improve the results of hair transplant, and postpone the effects of excessive hair loss. It is a simple procedure that takes short to implement. You will be given local anesthesia on your scalp during this procedure, and will not feel pain. A few sessions of hair PRP per year can improve your hair quality.

Most patients who have had hair PRP are satisfied with the results. However, not everybody is suitable to get hair PRP. Those who smoke very often, those with chronic liver and skin diseases, skin cancer, and such should not have PRP hair treatment. It is recommended but not compulsory in hair restoration treatments.


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