What is the price of hair transplants in Turkey?

The price of hair transplants varies in Turkey as it does everywhere. Different clinics and doctors charge different prices. The difference in prices is due to several factors: the expertise of the hair transplant doctor, the quality of the equipment in the clinic, the location and the infrastructure of the facilities, the method used in the hair transplant, the number of grafts transplanted, and the concerns of the clinic for profit.

High standards of operations mean higher costs – no matter how one would want to lower the costs for hair transplant, the prices would somehow reflect the standards of the operation. Yet, this should not mean that the most expensive clinics are the best ones.

The hair transplant prices in Turkey are in general cheaper than the hair transplant prices in many other countries with the same standards of hair transplants, or even lower standards. Turkey is a lucky place. It has great doctors, skilled surgeons, reliable and friendly hair transplant teams and staff, cheaper costs for facilities (building, rent, technology), cheaper administrative costs, lower salaries for staff (not good for those who work there though), great medical training, open-minded doctors who speak English, and receive international training, good climate, and nice sightseeing opportunities. Combine all, and you get high quality hair transplants at affordable prices!

The price for FUE hair transplants is higher than FUT hair transplant in Turkey, and all around the globe. Higher number of grafts require more team members and more delicate work, hence the higher price.

Find a committed and specialized clinic, with high customer satisfaction rates, and a hair transplant surgeon who can deliver tailor-made results that look natural. The prices of hair transplants in Turkey is roughly between $1600 – $3000. Some clinics have all-inclusive packages with the accommodation and VIP transport included in the package as well as your hair transplant and follow-up examination post-surgery.


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