How to Prepare for Your Hair Transplant Surgery

It is only natural to wonder how your hair transplant surgery will turn out. Be relaxed and prepared.


Your surgeon will talk to you about your procedure before your hair transplant surgery. They will tell you about the afterwards of your surgery too. They will also give you some instructions. Please follow these guidelines regarding what to do and what to avoid before, during, and after your hair transplant surgery. These preparations allow for a flawless surgery without any major complications.

You should stop smoking at least two weeks before your surgery because smoking prevents blood flow. A good blood flow is essential. You should avoid taking certain drugs including certain vitamins before your surgery. Your surgeon will inform you about these. You should avoid drinking too.

Please avoid smoking for at least one month post surgery. The same condition about the blood flow applies here. Smoking can be bad for your healing process, and also affect the results.

Wash your hair in the morning of your hair transplant surgery. Please do not use any styling products on your hair. Your surgeon may advise you not to have a hair cut for at least one month before your surgery. This is for having a better coverage in the donor site.

Hair transplant operations take 6-8 hours. If you are working, you might want to plan your procedure according to that and inform your colleagues, boss, manager, clients, friends, and family. Do not drive home alone after you have had your surgery. Trauma to the newly transplanted hair is bad, and it is best to relax for a couple of days post surgery. Arrange for a ride home after your operation.

Taking about one week off from work is also a good idea. You will need to avoid doing strenuous exercise after your hair transplant. Your specific instructions may include suggestions about keeping a balanced diet, a relaxed mind and body, avoiding certain exercises before and after the surgery for some time (usually a month), avoiding certain places (the sun booth, the sauna the pool, the seaside, dusty environments, too crowded places to avoid trauma, and so on), getting help for the first few days after your surgery, avoiding certain hair products (dyes), and styling for a specific period of time, avoiding covering your scalp, and covering it after some time from excessive sun exposure, and so on.

Some surgeons or hair teams will wash your hair with a specific lotion after your hair transplant. They will also demonstrate you how to wash your hair in the first few days after your surgery.

Make sure you understand all the instructions, and try to follow the guidelines. It will help in your recovery, and ensure better looking results.


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