The Role of Oral Contraceptives

Oral contraceptives are certainly important in human history. They made an improvement in women’s lives.

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While some doctors prescribe contraceptives to treat certain types of hair loss (particularly those which are hormone-related), the oral contraceptives also play a role in hair loss. Oral contraceptives also go by the common name the pill among many of us.

It is best to be aware of the effects of the pill. Those who are more prone to hair loss, can experience hair loss while they are on the pill. Women who want to use oral contraceptives, should also be aware of hair loss in their family, and their own hormonal sensitivities.

Androgens are present in all women as well as men. Women have smaller amounts of them. There are androgenic and anti-androgenic pills. Anti-androgenic pills contain only progestin or both estrogen and progestin.

Coming off the pill, changing the pill, and starting it can all cause hair loss. Always seek medical advice before doing any of these actions. There are various types and brands of pills in different countries.

If you are more prone to hair loss, and particularly hair loss due to hormonal sensitivities, you can check out other forms of contraception. Talk to your doctor if you experience hair loss, and they can recommend other contraceptive options such as:

Hormone Injections

Hormone injection is a contraceptive method. This birth control shot is very effective. One gets the shot on their upper arm or buttocks. It can prevent pregnancy for twelve weeks/three months by preventing ovulation.

It is a version of our body hormone progesterone, only a synthetic version of it.

These injections are free in some countries. Consult with your doctor for more information on hormone injections as contraceptives. There are different names of hormone injections in different countries.

Progestin Implants

Progestin implants are birth control methods as the pill or hormone injections. A very tiny rod is inserted under your skin, on your upper arm (in most cases). It is hard to see from outside.

Progestin implant releases progestin preventing ovulation. It can prevent pregnancy for up to four years, and is an effective contraceptive method. Ask your doctor for the available brands in your area.

Skin Patch

The skin patch or contraceptive patch is what the name suggests: a patch that prevents pregnancy. It looks like the nicotine patch.

Like the contraceptive pill, it has hormones. It functions the same way as the pill.

Different brand names are available in different places.

Vaginal Ring

A vaginal ring is a flexible and plastic ring that is placed into the vagina to prevent pregnancy by releasing estrogen and progestogen.

For the availability and more information, consult with your doctor.


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