What if You Are Not Suitable For Hair Transplantation

Not all individuals who experience excessive shedding and baldness are suitable for a hair transplantation. The hair restoration surgery works best in individuals who experience male pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness also goes by the medical name androgenetic alopecia and is caused by genetics. Female pattern baldness in not diffuse type can also be caused by genetics, and the female patients with such baldness or local baldness rather than overall baldness can be suitable to have a hair transplant.

There may be a few reasons why you may not be suitable to have a hair transplant:

  1. Temporary Hair Loss:

Some hair loss types are temporary. The hair falls out, but grows back with time.

  1. Complete Baldness:

hair transplant not suitable

A few hair loss diseases are rare but they cause complete baldness. Because the donor site is the back of the scalp of a patient, a scalp without no hair is not suitable for a hair transplantation.

  1. Not Sufficient Donor Hair:

Where the hair used in a hair transplantation is extracted is called the donor site. This is usually the back of one’s head – the nape of the scalp. If there is not enough hair follicles on the nape, if the hair on the nape is very thin, then one may not be suitable for a hair transplant.

  1. Diffuse Hair Loss:

If the individual has diffuse hair loss conditions, or chronic telogen effluvium, they are not suitable for a hair transplant.

  1. Alopecia Areata:

Alopecia areata patients are not suitable for hair transplantation because once the hair from one part of the scalp is transferred to another part, there is a high chance that it will still be attacked by the immune system, and the surgery will be a waste of effort.

If you are not suitable for hair transplantation, what are your options?

Even though hair transplantation is the only treatment for hereditary hair loss, there are very advanced medical or cosmetic treatments.

If your hair loss is not hereditary, your options of treatment depends on the cause of your hair loss. Before making a decision, it is best to visit a dermatologist, and learn about your treatment options, and find out the reason for your hair loss. After that, the following options may be good for you depending on your condition:

  1. Hair transplantation:

Yes. You read it right. Sometimes at a very early stage of hair loss, you may not be suitable to undergo the surgery because you will lose more hair, and your surgeon has to take into account your future hair loss. They will inform you when you will be suitable to get a hair restoration.

  1. Wigs and hairpieces:

The wigs and hairpieces of today are very advanced, and some are natural looking. The technicians can design the pieces according to your needs. Most pieces can be maintained too. You can ask your dermatologist for any recommendations.

  1. Medications:

Minoxidil and finasteride are the only medically approved hair loss medications. Ask your doctor if they can prescribe these medications for you.

In some temporary hair loss cases, other medications such as some contraceptive pills, and certain creams can be used to treat the reason for hair loss.

None of these should be used without the prescription and supervision of your doctor.

  1. Hair Mesotherapy and Hair PRP:

Often implemented before and after a hair restoration, both hair mesotherapy and hair PRP prove to be very effective. They can be used in those who are not eligible for hair restoration surgery. These two procedures can promote hair growth, and thicken the existing hair too.

  1. Acceptance:

Accepting that your hair is thinning, and you might have a bald head is a great step. You might enjoy your new look. It is all up to you. If you like your looks without your hair, how about learning what will suit you best with your new scalp? You can choose to dress accordingly, and learn to like your looks.

  1. Topical Covering Hair Sprays:

There are many scalp covering hair sprays that imitate the look of a full head.

  1. Other Options:

Laser therapies are common in some countries, and scalp tattoos on suitable areas can be a good option.

Before choosing any of these treatments or alternatives, remember to consult with your doctor, and next the experts in the regarded areas. Modern science and hair cosmetics are finding better and better ways to treat or cover hair loss, and you can find many good options out there.

All the best in your research for a full head.


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