What Are the Negative Consequences of Hair Loss on Men?

Some men who experience hair loss can also experience loss of confidence. We all look at our old pictures – what looks different in men is often the loss of hair and weight gain.

What gives away a man’s age is often the baldness and the weight gain. We have patients who are 20 years old but look 35 – 40 and this can cause some psychological problems.

Some people choose to wear their hat even when at home, and while they are chatting with their family. Hair loss can cause pressure in some people. If a person is having difficulties in their life because of their hair loss, we recommend them to have hair transplant. When our patients come to our clinic after their operation, they have a happy look on their faces. We are then happy for them because hair looks very good on some people, and because we have seen our patient’s head with and without hair, it is sometimes hard to recognize them.

After a hair transplant, one can feel younger, more energetic, and their energy level raises. They feel much happy. For those, who are not happy with their balding head, hair transplant is the only solution.


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