How Important is a Natural Hairline in a Hair Transplant Procedure?

The hairline plays an important role in the result of a hair transplant because if not natural, your hair transplant will be noticeable. People can understand that you had a hair transplant if your hairline is too up or down, or if the hairline does not look natural, they can also notice your transplanted hair. Many patients do not like others to notice that they have gone through a hair transplant. Natural results are essential.

While the operation is being performed, particularly the one-unit grafts which have one hair follicle should be transplanted to the front of the scalp. With a few slight zigzags, the team should design the best hairline that suits your face. Therefore, your hair transplant will not be easily noticeable, and you can wear your transplanted hair all your life. If your hairline is designed to look natural, you will be happy and pleased about the results.


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